Eko-Okna: Even more aesthetic finish of the MRS mosquito net


Eko-Okna is changing the production technology of MRS mosquito net - the only of their offer available in wood-like colours.

So far, the MRS mosquito net was combined using plastic corners in standard colours, which made it impossible to perfectly match the colour of mosquito corners to the colour of the frame. To maximize the aesthetic value and provide customers with the highest level of design, they change the technology of making joints.

From now on, the corners are connected to the bevel at an angle. This solution allows to overcome the colour difference. Thanks to this, customers will be able to fully match the colour of mosquito net to the colour of window.

In the case of a mosquito net in RAL colours, the corners are fixed at an angle of 45o.

Plastic corners will be made using standard colours such as:

- white,
- dark brown,
- brown,
- anthracite,
- mahogany,
- caramel.

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