HEGASA presents in VETECO the evolution of the enveloping counterforms


HEGASA (Tools of Galicia SA) It has for some time had an innovative system for welding PVC window profiles, especially aimed at the small and medium manufacturer of windows.

It consists of its enveloping counterforms that act during welding and a set of two blades that subsequently cut the excess bead. In VETECO 2018, the Galician company will present an evolution of this system.

The enveloping counterforms completely surround the profile on the outside and inside of the window, which allows for regulating the thickness of the weld bead and reduces it to a minimum. Subsequently, the corners are cleaned in the cleaning drawer and, finally, both blades are placed inside the window, on each side of the corner, to be cleaned.

The cut of the weld bead is done by lightly hitting the blade against the corner. As the movement is of the lateral blade, the blade is does not cleave into the profile, which prevents the foliage from coming off. In this way, the use of concealer is not necessary and an impeccable finish is obtained.

By means of this system, the users with basic machinery (welder with one or two heads and cleaning drawer), can obtain optimum finishes in for a small investment in tooling.

HEGASA is presenting in VETECO an evolution of its system of enveloping counterforms that manages to further reduce the thickness of the weld bead. Consequently, it is achieved that, in most of the profiles, the use of the blades is no longer necessary, since the bead can be removed by hand. The image shows the perfect finish of a corner after having extracted the bead.
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