Eko-Okna: Glass pasted to the window sash


Meat the benefits connected with the technology of pasting the pane into the window sash.

Optionally, the revolutionary technology of pasting panes to the window sash is available in all PVC systems from Eko-Okna offer, including systems dedicated to export markets. In standard used in Energeto 8000 system. This technology primary allows to produce larger constructions but also has many other assets.

Pasted pane is also an elimination of steel reinforcement*, thus decrease the weight of window and elimination of thermal bridges. This, in turn, means that the window with the pasted pane characterises with the best thermal and acoustic properties.

Advantages of using glass pasting technology

- better thermal properties of the construction,
- possibility to create larger constructions,
- better acoustic insulation,
- greater stability of windows,
- longer exploitation of sashes,
- possibility to eliminate steel reinforcement.

*in the offer, the option is only available in the Energeto 8000 system.
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