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North American windows function two ways – they can either be open or closed. European windows on-the-other hand reinvented this allowing for windows to be open, closed and a middle-position called ‘titled’. North American’s are fascinated with the advantages of this three-way window operation. 

Although it’s old-news in Europe, it completely changes the way North Americans think about windows and energy efficiency in homes.  Tilt-and-turn windows unique three-window-in-one design means extra home value, savings on energy use and ease of use for the home owner. 

Quick reminder how they operate:

- Point the handle downwards and the window will stay fixed in it’s closed position and locked.
- Point the handle sideways at 90 degrees means you can pull the window to open it horizontally from the side.
- Point the handle upwards vertically then pull the handle inwards and the window will also tilt inwards from the top.

Here’s a helpful illustration of How Tilt & Turn Windows Work:

Apart from a small learning curve getting used to how the windows function, Tilt & Turn windows offer many advantages including:

- Easy cleaning as the windows can be maneuvered to clean all the way around unlike traditional windows which typically open from one axis point.
- When the window is opened horizontally it allows for easy escape in case of emergencies, again, unlike traditional windows which usually open one direction and can’t be opened all-the-way.
- Energy-efficiency as in the ’tilted’ position the windows allow for a breeze without letting too much of the houses heat escape.

Tilt and turn windows are inspiring works of engineering that truly do offer many advantages above North American windows. 

The fact that the window opens in two perpendicular directions with hinges that can support the movements of all-three window positions is very impressive. It’s also impressive that there have been no reported complications (leaks, wear-and-tear etc.) associated with the windows despite the added maneuvers.

The North American market is strongly interested in the product.

Source: High Windows and Doors
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