New trends in the building of family houses


In recent years, a higher degree of investor claims can be clearly observed on the own architectural look of a family house. These demands are no longer focused only on the interior, but increasingly on the exterior.

One of the most important roles is played by window elements, especially it's look and layout. Increasingly, on one hand simple window elements without decorative additives are promoted and on the other hand more and more variability of colors or other finishes are desired.

An example of these trends is the use of aluminum frame on plastic windows and HS portals. When an investor with very economical or tight budget reaches the same luxury look of an exterior as when using aluminum elements. 

The frame is firmly attached to the window and, in addition to the window design, also provide additional protection. Decor of Aluminum frame can be selected from more than 170 colors.

The trend is also of large glazed surfaces which through bringing more light increases space optically and connects us with outside. At the same time, the offered solutions must be in line with the investor's requirement for the lowest possible energy consumption.

A representative of classic product, which is increasingly used in the construction of family houses, is the lift-sliding door called HS Portals. The top in this area are the SWD LIFT & SLIDE HS portals from Superior Windows & Doors.

What are the main advantages of SWD LIFT & SLIDE – HS PORTAL

- Combination of transparency and heat insulation

- The new generation of lifting-sliding doors combines a movable monorail casement with fixed frame glazing and minimal view widths

- This large frameless glazing with clean lines forms an almost invisible link between the inside and outside, extending the living space beyond its actual limits

- Simple operation, including with large casement weights, with optimum coordination of the lifting components

- Outstandingly quit running, thanks to the combination of trie-and-tested HS fittings systems and high-grade steel runners

- Flexible and wear-free EPDM moulded sealing parts for lasting tightness against wind and driving rain

- Available in both, PVCu and Aluminum
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