Eko-Okna: A warm threshold in the standard version of HST 85


The energetic efficiency at the highest level. From 1 November the Aluplast HST 85 system are equipped with warm Thermostep 204 thresholds in its standard versions.

The HST 85 is one of the most technologically advanced and warmest solutions in its product category. It allows to create impressive glazing panels and preserve good thermal parameters.

As one of very few manufacturers, we would like to provide even better thermal comfort and that is why the Aluplast HST 85 system will be equipped with a warm Thermostep 204 threshold.

The threshold thermal partition reduces significantly the flow of warmth in the bottom part of the structure and in this way saves the energy.

The Thermostep 204 is distinguished for the best thermal properties but not only as it is characterised by great stability and easiness to process.

Optionally a threshold can be equipped with a 'comfort' overlay that will allow it to meet all the requirements for the 'architecture without barriers' in accordance with DIN 18040.

Tha advantages of the Thermostep 204 threshold:

- the threshold with thermal insulation,
- a warmth flow reduction in the whole length of the threshold,
- the outer side is protected by an aluminium profile,
- an optional possibility of use in 'Architecture without Barriers',
- a film preventing the excessing dampness is directly attached to the threshold.
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