Windows into flat roofs - part 1


Modern materials and evolving technology in the building industry allow to build a flat (horizontal) roof.

Sometimes there are rooms inside that building that cannot be used with façade windows. But for health reasons, as well as a comfortable feeling, a natural light source should be provided in every room. The solution is a special window in flat roofs.

Flat roofs used in residential, school, administrative or office building where people spent most of their time, today perform more functions than just protection from rain or any severe weather.

Roof windows are powerful source of daylight, the roof itself absorbs the heat from the sun. Roofs with roof windows thus co-create domestic energy, often to a decisive extent, which outweighs the energy impact of facades and facade windows. Especially for rooms under the roof, summer sunshine or winter night frosts are the most noticeable.

» High energy efficiency

Thanks to an appropriate design, the given windows guarantee very good thermo insulation parameters and hence high energy efficiency. The windows are available with double glazing, triple glazing or quadruple; some windows are even equipped with a dome.

» Available window offer:

- a window with a walking glass that is available with a passive triple glazing

A special strengthened construction with increased load-bearing capacity and anti-skid surface glass makes it possible to safely walk along the windows. Leveling the surface of the glass into the terrace´s level and using glass with non-slip surface allows free movement and does not interfere with its aesthetics. It is a great solution for terraces and green roofs, where the roof is flat while preserving the properties of the sunroof window.

-a window suitable for passive houses

It is suitable for low-energy and passive buildings and brings a new look to the product. It is distinguished by very good thermo insulation parameters and a modern look. Frame design is the same as for dome windows. The difference is in the glazing used, which was created by glass pane technology, which guarantees high window resistance and stability as well as aesthetic appearance. 

The window also has a very high class of reaction to fire. This means that the product is able to withstand the flame for a long time without spreading it further. This window also meets the highest resistance class against impact.

…to be continued 
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