Insight Data publishes the 2017 Window Industry Report


Insight Data Window Industry Report

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Insight Data Window Industry Report

Insight Data has published it’s long awaited ‘Fabricator and Installer Report’ which is the most authoritative and comprehensive analysis of the UK window industry and seen as the ‘bible’ of the industry.

The 2017 Insight Report analyses data from over 15,000 fabricators and installers.
The Insight Report gives a full snapshot of the industry, analysing fabricators and installers by region, sectors, products, financial performance and more.

» Highlights from the report include:

- Greater competition as the number of window companies has increased
- Fewer PVC-U fabricators, while aluminium remains strong
- Single storey extensions and tiled roof conservatories creating new opportunities
- Trade counters expanding rapidly potentially disrupting the market
- Significant rise in specialist/premium products, such as vertical sliders

The full report includes analysis, trends and opinion on the current state of the industry, and includes detailed information on fabricators, installers, trade counters and the growth of ‘builder installers’ as well as developments in products and materials.

» Industry Overview

The previous Insight Report was last published in 2014. Since then, the number of window, door and conservatory companies has risen and now stands at 15,099. 

There has been significant ‘churn’ over the last 3 years, with 1,592 firms being removed from the database and 1,920 businesses added, giving a net increase of 328, largely consisting of small installation firms.

Across the fenestration industry, the number of manufacturers stands at 4,852, of which 4,178 are window and door fabricators, the balance being specialist composite door, conservatory roof and sealed unit manufacturers.

» Window and Door Fabricators

The number of PVC-U window and door fabricatorsThe number of PVC-U window and door fabricators continue to decline year-on-year and now stands at 1,407 companies, down from 1,534 in 2014. However, the rate of decline has slowed – there were 2,370 PVC-U fabricators in 2008. 

Small fabricators (100 frames per week or less) have seen most upheaval, with a significant number making a decision to either cease manufacturing or investing in growth.

Most PVC-U fabricators are now offering a broader range of products; either to improve revenue or margins, or to secure customer loyalty. Some companies have increased their manufactured range, while others are distributing products from specialist manufacturers.

Fewer PVC-U fabricators are switching system companies completely, although more fabricators than ever are manufacturing more than one system.

» Double glazing Installers and trade-counters

The number of window, door and conservatory installation firms has risen over the last 3 years to 13,281 firms; the increase primarily among small businesses (1 – 25 frames per week).

The vast majority of installation firms (9,097) are small, fitting 1 – 25 windows/doors per week, while 25% (3,320) are fitting 25 to 100 frames per week, which is the ‘sweet spot’ for most trade fabricators.

Installers can be split into two groups, those that fabricate and install, and those that buy-in and install. They have diversified; extending their range of products to include additional niche window/door products and other home improvements.

One of the most exciting opportunities for installers is renewed interest in conservatories.

New product innovations have led to a notable increase in companies investing in showrooms. Indeed, the number of showrooms has increased from 3473 in 2014 to 3796 in 2017, reversing a trend in earlier years.

While the number of installers fitting PVC-U windows and doors has remained largely unchanged, since 2014 there has been a 40% increase in firms offering aluminium and a 25% increase in timber installers. 6,353 installers now offer aluminium and 5,468 offer timber products.

Trade counters continue to evolve with a notable increase in acquisitions over the last year as companies focus on distribution channels and volume.

876 trade counter depots now supply windows, doors and conservatories, supplying both small installation companies and a rapidly increasing number of builders who offer this product range.

Indeed, the number of builders who buy-in windows, doors and conservatories stands at 15,739 firms, well ahead of the 9,553 traditional double-glazing installers who buy-in frames.

» The Insight Report

The full Insight Report provides in-depth analysis of the industry, including product information, markets and financial data. For a free copy of the report click here.

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