Aluminum windows and doors as part of life-style.


Superior Windows & Doors

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Superior Windows & Doors

When we talk about windows or doors, it always has an image of the owner.
Let's start with the front door, it will underline the overall appearance of the building and will tell a lot about its owner. 

Aluminum is used in both commercial and residential construction in applications such as window and door frames, exterior cladding, storefronts, curtain walls, shading devices and skylights. 
Aluminum frames have multiple chambers, at the same time they have a broken thermal bridge and contain a central seal. Aluminum window profiles from the leading manufacturers meet requirements for the construction of low-energy and passive houses. They almost always apply where there are high requirements for the architectural design of the building. 

Aluminum windows and doors are the highest league that still represent smaller share on the US market, not due to worse features, but because of the price that is higher than uPVC or wood. We all know part of technology and energy-intensive treatment are the leading factors behind the higher price with aluminum products. Window for lifetime, however, will make up for this investment in the future.


» Permanent resistance to external influences - wind, hail, rain, snow, thieves...

» Maintenance-free - no painting, varnishing.

» Long life.

» Color fastness.

» Exceptional statics - the possibility of large assemblies, impossible for wood and uPVC.

» Luxury design, modern look - slender, rigid profiles and more light.

» They are not tilted, they are constantly accurate and do not burden the building structure.

» Endless possibilities in RAL color selection.

» Environmental friendly, 100% recyclable.

» High thermal insulation - fully comparable with top upvc windows.

» Compared to the old windows, heat loss reduces energy loss by up to 80%.

» Fire resistance - a great advantage over other materials.

Aluminum is very strong and long-lasting material. Therefore aluminum windows may apply even where uPVC and wood fail. Thanks to exceptional shape stability, aluminum is the best solution for large glazing surfaces and for windows and doors that will be heavily stressed or exposed to severe weather conditions and heat changes.

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