Eko-Okna to introduce new aesthetic line of products


All in One Design are available in u-PVC and aluminium.

photo Eko-Okna

All in One Design are available in u-PVC and aluminium.

Eko-Okna's new collection is specially designed for the most sophisticated customers who pay attention to every detail while designing a house.

The 'All in One Design' elegant line of products guarantees harmonious look of windows, entrance doors, garage doors and roller shutters and ensures the complete technological consistency and convenience. The products are available in u-PVC and aluminium.

The customers can choose between toned sets, recommended for traditional buildings, and the ones distinguished for their colours and ornaments that will perfectly match modern architecture.

The names of particular sets are derived from Italian cities as Italians are mostly known for their passion for art and fashion as well as their extraordinary sense of aesthetics. Therefore the 'All in One Design' product line combines the most fashionable colours and courageous combinations of materials and ornaments.

At the customer's request, the sets can be modified and the elements can be made in any colour.
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