To get some fresh outdoor air into your home is important for your health


Fresh outdoor air contains 400 ppmv (parts per million volume) of CO2 (carbon dioxide). Humans and animals exhale the same gas at the same time in amount that depends on their physical activity.

In rooms that are not sufficiently ventilated, this gas accumulates and causes 'stuffy air'. Staying in such rooms can lead to many health problems - from fatigue and drowsiness to irreversible damage of your health. Content of the CO2 for feeling of the fresh air is up to 700 ppmv. Values above 1000 ppmv are less suitable for permanent residence and sleeping (eg in the apartment), above 1500 ppmv is unsuitable. At 5,000 ppmv (PEL - Permissible Exposure Limit), the stay must be limited for the shortest time as possible. At 25,000 ppmv (NPK - maximum admissible concentration) there is a risk of death by suffocation.

The correct ventilation intensity in the room or house can be calculated according to the number of people in the room and their physical activities. For example, there are 3 people in the room:
» the first one weights 110 lbs and sleeping;
» the second one weights 176 lbs and hoovering;
» the last one is 132 lbs heavy and riding on the stationary bike.

This situation causes that the value of CO2 increases on 2978 ppmv per hour, more than three times exceed the value for feeling fresh air.

This is why tilt & turn windows are recommended as they give you complete ventilation control, ideal for homeowners who are looking to control the airflow without compromising security. They are great in the summer allowing plenty of free-flowing air to enter your home keeping your home cool in the hotter months, can tilt a full 90 degrees for maximum ventilation, or inwards for fresh air.

Source: Superior Windows & Doors
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