A milestone in the export of Polish windows to Great Britain


As Great Britain is on the verge of leaving the European Union, Eko-Okna, one of the largest Polish manufacturer of windows and doors, is conquering the British market with a mass production of 'English windows'.

The European market is extremely varied in terms of window and door characteristics and Great Britain is certainly one of the most specific markets as the British prefer outward opening.

The production of this type of windows is not an easy task. Their structure differs from other European constructions. The opening parts are joined to the fixed part in various combinations. The same situation is with mullions. The whole process seems like an extremely tedious job, says Sebastian Przewosnik, Production Manager at Eko-Okna S.A.

The production of 'English windows' requires a proper machining center. Eko-Okna is going to be the first Polish manufacturer which will produce and export 'English windows' on a large scale. The company has already signed a significant contract for the required machines.

The machines will be delivered to the company's headquarters in Kornice at the end of July. We will start with a single production line, adds Sebastian Przewosnik.

Due to company's production capacity, Eko-Okna will be able to produce as many as 100 windows opening outwards every day.

The windows will be based on Aluplast's Ideal 70 profiles. The system is an ideal base dedicated for opened outwards windows. The windows will be supplied with the original English hardware. The system has received all the required documents that allows it to be used and installed in Great Britain. It also includes the Kitemark certificate which confirms the product's compliance with the British standards, explains Michal Maciejewski, Commercial Director at Eko-Okna S.A.

The launch of the production of windows opening outwards will allow Eko-Okna to enter British, Australian and American markets as the overseas investors also praise this solution.

We have been preparing for the implementation of 'English windows' for a long time. The decision was made on the basis of the market research. The colour palette was adjusted to the customers' expectations. Eko-Okna is now well-prepared for taking orders. We are ready to sell windows as far as the software is concerned. We are able to respond to any customers' enquiries with a proper offer and we are going to start selling products in August, adds Michał Maciejewski.
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