Top-hung casement windows - an alternative to tilt windows


Safe, functional and comfortable in use - EKO-OKNA's offer is diversified by top-hung casement windows.

To meet the evolving needs of the customers, EKO-OKNA have begun to offer top-hung casement windows, opening both inwards and outwards. They are complemented by a telescopic stay of Dutch company AXA, which allows each window to be opened to the desired width. Telescopic stay is also a guarantee of safety. The window will not close on its own, thus it would not pose any danger to the potential user, even during strong winds.

Because of its functionality, top-hung casement windows are an interesting alternative to tilt windows. They allow customers to take full advantage of the space inside the rooms. This type of windows also ventilates the room even in the rain. An additional advantage of this solution is the opening method. The handle is placed at the bottom of the window which enables higher window installation.
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