Protective cover for security catch for side hung and swing windows


Unlike most side hung windows, Spilka swing system solution allows for the window sash to reverse 180°. The hinge is based on a unique concept whereby an enclosed wheelhouse with ball bearings carries the sash and ensures easy opening and closing.

Spilka’s system solution for swing and side hung windows has a security catch on the lower frame. The security catch allows for two ventilation positions: the first one at an opening of approximately 80 mm and the second, wider ventilation position, prevents the wind from opening or closing the window.

To protect the lower frame for any potential friction from the safety catch Spilka has developed the protective cover which is placed around the end keep for the safety catch and is produced in stainless steel. It can be used for both left and right handed windows.

It is recommended to fix the cover with two nails in stainless steel; 1,9 x 20 mm.

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