An insight into the UK window market and customer demands by Enlightened Windows


Enlightened Windows are a specialist in European windows and doors. The company imports most of the products used from various countries in Europe.

Chris Newby, the Managing Director, gives an insight into the UK market and customer demands:

The overall market in the UK is still dominated by PVC windows and doors, mainly due to the price point, low cost of entry to the market and rapid manufacturing capability that customers also find attractive. Attitudes are now changing, as the more discerning customer increases standards and demands more low maintenance, coloured products.

In very rough terms, the market can be summarised as follows:
» By volume in terms of numbers of units:

40% White UPVC
25% Wooden Alu Composite
15% Wooden
15% Aluminium
5% Other
» Compared to 10 years ago:
50% UPVC
20% Wood
20% Aluminium
10% Composite
The market share of composite windows is expected to grow substantially in the coming years, at the expense of UPVC.
In terms of project values, this tells a very different story. With composite windows commanding a majority of the large value self-built and custom-built homes market.

For the retailer, the composite window represents both margin and sale value. Enlightened Windows offer a premium range of composite products (the full range of products can be seen here).

The UK market does have quite an influx of low to medium range products but, as customers become increasingly educated and much more involved in making the purchasing decisions on windows and doors, the quality is becoming much more important.
In many cases, large manufacturers with a low price point are being dismissed by consumers due to poor quality, poor after sales service and poor quality hardware.
The UK market is moving, with a healthy economy in most sectors and a boyant attitude of the consumer, which is surprisingly somewhat fuelled by the Brexit referendum. Consumer confidence has never been higher and, with bank interest rates being poor, many consumers with disposable incomes are investing in property and building their own custom-build home.
Changes by certain local authorities to release land specifically set aside for Custom Build have made the process of self-building a property much easier.
At Enlightened Windows, we are always seeking innovative new products which are either unique and not just another replication of a product already flooding the UK market.

We are currently researching the products and manufacturers we plan to work with in 2018, and would welcome contact from manufacturers who believe they can offer something unique in terms of value for money, performance or design.