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EVIE – ANWIS new pleated blind



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Fitted with the latest technology available, ANWIS internal window coverings offer increased functionality and comfort of use.

Evie decorative pleated blind is dedicated to customers seeking practical solutions reflecting the latest trends in interior design. 

Evie pleated blind is distinguished by its state of the art design. Specially designed profile makes the blind firmly adhere to the glazing bead. New, ergonomically shaped handles ensure smooth operation, regardless of the position of the rail. The structure of the blind featuring strenghtened interlacing of the cords and metal gliders  ensures durability and trouble-free operaton.

The rail  remains in  perfectly horizontal position and the fabric stays in place.  Self-braking mechanism stops the blind at a desired height. New type, small size, aesthetically pleasing and totally integrated with the glazing bead tension shoes enable effortless mounting and dismounting of the blind by sliding it off the brackets. The tension shoe is designed so as to prevent the blind from unclipping itself. 

Evie blind comes with several mounting options, including on the window pane, which enables easy access to window and door casements. Depending on individual preferences there is a choice of one or two handles, which are fixed on the operating rail. 

There are three solutions on offer; in the first one the blind is raised/lowered using bottom rail while the top rail remains fixed; in the second  two rails (top and bottom) are movable, which makes it possible to cover any chosen part of the window eg. creating a café-style curtain; the third solution features two different fabrics in one pleated blind with fixed top rail and movable bottom and middle rails, the rails shift the two fabrics depending on the time of day or night. It is also a clever way to achieve a total makeover of a place in next to no time. 

ANWIS pleated blind fabric collection features nearly 300 fabrics. Following the latest trends the company offers a wide selection of fashionable colours including shades of white, cream or grey. Customers prefering more vibrant hues are offered colours  enlivening the interior like orange, green or raspberry. 

Apart from colours, light transmission is another factor, the fabrics on ANWIS offer can be divided into:  transparent, semi-transparent and blackout. The company also  offers 9 standard colours (silver anode, white, creamy white, beige, brown, basalt, anthracite, black, champagne anode) plus two extra colours (golden oak, walnut) – woodlike and texture painted. 

ANWIS grants a 3-year warranty, professional advice and warranty and post-warranty service.

The list of points of sale  is available here.   

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