The roller shutter market is still benefiting from a dynamic construction industry


The growth of the roller shutter market continued in the DACH region last year with +3.8% in volume and is also expected to continue in the upcoming years.

According to the new study by Interconnection Consulting, 7,4 million units will be sold in 2018 (in 2017, the sales number was around 7.1 million). However, despite the dynamic growth in the construction industry, the market for roller shutters is facing increasing challenges.

Alternative products on the rise

Above all, the industry growth occurred because of the rapid increase in the building sector. However, the industry did not fully benefit from it as the number of new windows with roller shutters is declining. The amount of new windows purchased with roller shutters was 29.1% in 2017 and will decrease to 27.1% by 2020, according to Interconnection. 

One reason for this development is the rise in popularity among final customers and architects experienced by substitute goods, explains Stefano Armandi, PhD, author of the study. Alternative sun protection products such as venetian blinds and ZIP-screens have been steadily increasing their market shares in the last 2 years .

Germany is growing stronger

The growth dynamics in the three countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) are very different. Germany contributes in large part for the growth in quantity Germany. In the largest German-speaking economy, the volume growth in 2017 was 3.8%. Austria, on the other hand, grew only by 2.6%. The situation is different in Switzerland, where the industry is expected to recover this year.

Aluminum is number one

Aluminum is the dominant material for roller shutters in all three countries. Especially in Switzerland, where aluminum roller shutters have a market share of 92.0%. In Austria and Germany, the percentage of roller shutters made of aluminum is 61.4 and 67.5% respectively. In contrast to Switzerland, there is a strong demand for PVC in these two countries as well (AUT: 33.4%, D: 29.1%). The level of motorization is at the highest in Switzerland (64.2%), followed by Germany (56.1%) and Austria (55.6%).

Market concentration is rising

The market concentration is also increasing, especially in Germany and Switzerland. In Switzerland, the combined share of the top 10 companies reached 55.9% and in Germany 63.4%, showing a strong increase compare to the previous year. In Austria, the top 10 shares remained stable and currently stand at 61.3%. Market leaders in the region includes Roma, Rufalex and Schlotterer.
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