Garage doors are experiencing an upswing


The market for garage doors in Germany, Switzerland and Italy is growing strongly in value and quantity. 

In Germany, sales will rise by 5.3% this year. The volume will increase by 3.0%. Sales in Switzerland are even stronger (+ 4.5%). But Italy is also slowly coming out of the crisis (+ 1.0% in volume). 

While growth in Switzerland will decline slightly in the coming months, Interconnection Consulting forecasts a slight increase in growth for Italy. 

Switzerland: Non-residential housing fills in for residential construction

In Switzerland, the number of building permits and construction completions will not grow as quickly in the next few years as in previous years. 

The stagnation in the area of new construction in the next few years in Switzerland will also dampen the growth in the market for garage doors.

Explains Vito Graziano, author of the study.

However, the rise in non-residential construction will give the industry further momentum. By 2020, annual sales will increase by an average of 3.4%.

Germany: steady growth continues

In Germany, the garage market will increase relatively uniformly over the next few years. By 2020, the average growth rate is + 2.7% in volume, while average revenue growth is 5.4%. In Germany, it is primarily sectional doors with a market share of 70% that are particularly in demand.

The section of sectional garage doors (when opening the gate, the door elements are gradually pushed under the ceiling) is appreciated by the Germans, as they do not need a swivel space, explains Graziano.

Italy: renovation instead of new garages

In contrast, less than half (45.3%) of all garage doors in Italy are sectional. Due to cheaper prices there, swing and gull-wing doors experience better development. 

In Italy, the share of renovation in the total garage market is 82.4%. The reason is a low building permit rate and a further decline in the new construction sector.

Market concentration is progressing

In all three countries examined, an increasing market concentration can be observed. In Germany, the share of the top ten companies in the overall market is 93.1%.

Important companies are listed in alphabetical order: Condoor, Hörmann, Novoferm. In Italy, this share is 69.6%. Important companies in the Italian market are Breda, Dierre and Go Italia. The proportion of top ten companies in Switzerland is 81%.
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