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Renovation roller shutters

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Renovation roller shutters

Replacing a curtain in a top-mounted roller shutter without the necessity to dismantle the old box? Now it is possible!

The SDZ system is commonly known as the renovation roller shutter system designed mainly for already existing buildings. It is a perfect solution when it is necessary to replace old top-mounted roller shutters.

A user does not have to dismantle the box and in this way can avoidinterfering in the building facade. The solution we offer allows to replace the internal part of the box only.

Moreover, this system is often applied in new buildings. Architects while designing a building acknowledged a necessity to replace roller shutters after many years of use. A specially designed structure of the SDZ system allows to install the product in already existing buildings in a fast and non-invasive way.

In our offer you can find a few versions of the system structure depending on the elements used and adapted to the scope of a roller shutter functionality and the method it is to be installed.

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