Optimum sun protection for large window areas


In line with the trend towards increasingly larger windows and terraces, there is growing demand for more opulent formats in sun protection. In order to achieve ideal results, it is vitally important to choose the right sun protection material in regard to its application area, energy efficiency, anti-dazzle protection and visual comfort. The Soltis sun protection material from Serge Ferrari fully complies with these requirements.

The main advantage of Soltis by Serge Ferrari is its high dimensional stability since the special manufacturing process, i.e. Précontraint technology, ensures that the material does not warp either during and after installation, this producing ideal results. Another advantage is that there is no need for edge reinforcements in interior sun protection systems. Roll widths of 267 centimetres with Serge Ferrari's materials also make it possible to produce a sun protection system without any seams or welded joints. Large articulated arm awnings or façade awnings, for example, can therefore also be installed with a high-quality, homogeneous appearance.

It is also important with large sun protection systems that the material contains enough safety reserves to cope with high tensions and wind loads. Soltis 92, the best-selling product from Serge Ferrari, impresses here with a tearing strength of 310/210 daN/5cm (warp/woof), which corresponds to a resistance of 6.2 t/m in the warp direction and 4.2 t/m in the woof direction. The coating thickness of Soltis is also highly resistant: this is often twice as high as in other materials. Since the support fabric is therefore better protected, the materials are very durable and guarantee better evenness and a smaller material thickness. This also makes winding up easier, which is important especially with large areas. Consequently, the cassettes can be kept very compact and can be better integrated in the façade.

Serge Ferrari's Sopltis product range also contains fabrics which are suitable for use as a canopy while simultaneously offering protection against weather effects. Soltis W96 was developed especially for this purpose. Whereas it acts as a highly effective heat shield against strong direct sunlight, it provides adequate rain protection during poor weather conditions. Soltis W96 is therefore highly suitable for rainproof sun sails, terrace coverings or pergola canopies.
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