Žogu Fabrika - the leading fencing systems manufacturer in the Baltic States


Žogu Fabrika LLC is a leading fencing systems manufacturer in the Baltic states. The Latvian company offers quality products and with many years of experience is able to guarantee the best value for money and above industry average warranty period.

Žogu Fabrika exports its products throughout Europe. The main destinations are Baltics, Scandinavia, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, France, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania.

The company produced over 13 000 kms of fencing in 2016. This year the number will be doubled thanks to considerable investments in machinery, workforce and staff training. Andris Šebins, the Export Director at Žogu Fabrika, claims the exports in 2017 will exceed 3,5 million Euro.

When the client’s order is received, the company arranges transport (customers can choose to use their own transport too). The products are then produced for given order  (usually 2 weeks) and delivered in 2-3 days within the whole Europe.

Žogu Fabrika works on a prepayment basis with new companies. Partners which have a minimum of 5 orders within 2 months are offered with post payment options and a credit.
The company currently produces and offers the following:

» 3D and 2D panel fences in sizes from 1.03-2.03 m, both Zn+RAL and HDG coated, coating thickness exceeds industry standard by at least 20%;

» Chain link fence, 1.20-2.00 m, Zn+PVC, Zn, Al (6001), heavy Zn (275g/m^2);

» Agricultural fence (field fence, sheep fence, forest fence),  1.00-2.00 m;

» Gates (sliding and swing) in custom sizes as well as drive automatics;

» Posts in various sizes for all of our products as well as accompanying installation hardware.