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New terrace pergola MB-OPENSKY 120


New terrace pergola MB-OPENSKY 120

photo ALUPROF | New terrace pergola MB-OPENSKY 120

This time, Aluprof SA is pleased to offer its customers the MB-OPENSKY 120 pergola. The new product is an extension of the existing range of terrace canopies available as a system for self-prefabrication.

MB-OPENSKY 120 is a unique product that perfectly fits in with the trends of modern construction and is characterised by its high durability and high quality of details. The use of an innovative method of fitting profiles has ensured the stability of the entire system, as well as aesthetically pleasing connections with invisible gaps. There is a free-standing version and it's maximum dimensions are: length 6m x width 4m x height 3m.

New terrace pergola MB-OPENSKY 120

The clever design of the MB-OPENSKY 120 pergola makes it durable and resistant to weather conditions. The product has been equipped with a gabled drainage system, allowing rainwater to be effectively drained from the roof inside the entire surface of the column.

New terrace pergola MB-OPENSKY 120

Main advantages of the system:

» robust construction made of extruded aluminium;
» highly aesthetic connections;
» aesthetically concealed articulated consoles for easy installation,
» roof module made up of slats – smooth change of angle of inclination in axis from 0 to 135°;
» two available shapes of slats SLIM (Z type) i STANDARD (FLAT type),
» power transmission mechanism with automatic adjustment system – quick installation and easy slat adjustment;
» a motor aesthetically concealed in the design;
» gabled drainage system – effective drainage of rainwater from the roof over the entire column surface;
» option to mount the intermediate column on the finished structure;
» available LED lighting;
» possibility to use side screens such as sliding glass panels and/or screens,
» rafter revision to allow installation of radiant heaters;
» a wide range of RAL colours – 12 colours in the standard palette.

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