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Lift & slide accessories


Lift & slide accessories

photo STAC | Lift & slide accessories

STAC's range of drive gears with pin-bolts provides a clean aesthetic by leaving the frame profile completely free, while significantly improving the user experience by reducing the possibility of catching when the sliding leaf crosses. 

These pin-bolt fastening systems offer a sleek and minimalist design, ensuring that no element clashes with the overall lines. To complement the range of drive gears we present different closing solutions.

» Shim for standard keeper

The shim provides a considerable increase in the adaptability of the closing system to a wide range of lift & slide profiles. Available in different heights, it allows the keeper to be placed so that it is perfectly flush with the frame profile.

Made of high-performance technical plastic, it offers exceptional strength to ensure long-lasting operation. The design of the shim includes small protrusions that are clicked on the locking plate itself, facilitating its installation quickly and easily.

» Embedded keeper

Keeper specifically * developed for frame profiles with groove. This solution allows the keeper to be embedded so that the fixings are hidden behind the covers of the frame itself, thus achieving a clean and aesthetic look.

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, the keeper is the ideal choice for corrosive environments, ensuring exceptional strength and durability even in harsh conditions.

* The keeper is not universal, as its use depends on the dimensions of the frame groove. Therefore, we recommend requesting a study from the technical department.