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BI-HID, an innovative two-way movement system


BI-HID, an innovative two-way movement system


BI-HID, an innovative two-way movement system

BI-HID is the secondary sash two-way movement system from Master Italy, created to simplify the procedure for opening and closing the frame of the side-by-side sash. 

BI-HID features a lever allowing the simultaneous opening of both lower and upper stopper tips of the secondary sash. The movement is designed with a snap-to-stop action that guarantees the lever is kept open at 45°, in order to avoid any breakage in case the primary sash is accidentally closed.

The system’s assembly operations are simple and are specifically designed for double groove profiles. The movement unit must be placed beside the groove, matching the pegs to the holes of the connection rods that slide in the lower groove and tightening the stainless steel cams. To further facilitate the installation of the double-sash frame, MasterLAB technicians have combined the system with tapered Zamak tips. The tips thus fit perfectly into the second groove, without interfering with any accessories assembled on the first.

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The tips have also been equipped with Delrin offset devices, to eliminate any play or vibration inside the groove and to allow the accessory to move more smoothly.

BI-HID can be combined with any type of tip or corner drive for large frames – comments Chief Technical and Marketing Officer Lorenzo Lafronza. – In addition to the movement unit, we have designed a mono-body Zamak tip, which guarantees a very high resistance to gusts of wind and can be mounted on the second groove. The tips, of course, can be combined both with the lever movement and with all the Eurogroove mechanisms in the Master catalogue.

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