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Convenient ventilation and efficient sound reduction – SchücoVentoFrameAsonic


Schüco VentoFrame Asonic combines healthy air quality...

photo Schüco | Schüco VentoFrame Asonic combines healthy air quality...

SchücoVentoFrameAsonic is a ventilation system which combines a natural fresh air supply with a high level of acoustic comfort. 

The effective exchange of air allows high air quality to be maintained, ensuring a healthy indoor climate and protecting the fabric of the building. While in operation, the ventilation system can also reach a sound level difference of up to 42 dB, creating a pleasant living and working environment. Thanks to its discreet design and flexible integration, SchücoVentoFrameAsonic can be installed in new or renovated residential and commercial buildings. The sturdy, compact construction is easy and quick to install. SchücoVentoFrameAsonic is a product that has been made in partnership with Renson.

SchücoVentoFrameAsonic is a special surface-mounted ventilator for Schüco aluminium windows with a tight-closing design made from sound-reducing materials. An integrated, self-regulating flap controls the air flow volumes in order to prevent draughts and energy losses. The user can also manually regulate the air flow by opening and closing the internal flap. The thermal break prevents condensation and transmission heat loss. SchücoVentoFrameAsonic can be combined with an extraction system to improve the air quality of an entire living space. 

A wide range of RAL and anodised colours is available to match the colour of the system to the window. The ventilation system is delivered to fit the exact window size in an airtight monoblock design for quick and easy installation.

One system, two versions

The new ventilation system has a choice of two designs, Air and Comfort, to meet individual requirements. 

Configured for cross ventilation, the VentoFrameAsonic Air system can achieve a volume flow of up to 79 m³/h per metre of ventilator length. The Comfort version can reach a sound level difference of up to 42 dB and offers additional comfort thanks to the non-return function of the integrated, self-regulating outer flap. This allows energy losses to be minimised when it is combined with an extraction system, ensuring a high level of efficiency during operation. Both versions can be fitted with an optional drip protection bar for improved watertightness in tall buildings and extreme weather conditions.

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