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Another window closes on UK burglars



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HOPPE has launched the brand new SecuForte® range of window handles offering a completely new standard of burglary resistance in the UK.

When the window is closed or tilted, the handle and square spindle are uncoupled and the handle is automatically locked. It is a unique concept that protects against the unauthorised opening of a window from outside.

Handles with SecuForte® can only be opened from the inside and only by pushing the handle in the direction of the rosette – moving the handle from the outside is virtually impossible. This makes window handles with SecuForte® effective against break-in attempts made either by piercing the glass seal and drilling into the framework or by displacing the window fitting from outside.

A burglar intending to turn the handle from outside, might be able to break it off the rosette using massive physical force, yet the square spindle will still not move. The window cannot be opened and the break-in attempt will have failed.

In this way, SecuForte® protects not only against displacing the window fitting from outside, but also against the break-in methods of piercing the glass seal or drilling the frame in order to be able to turn the window handle from outside.

Ged Ryan, chief executive at HOPPE (UK), said:

It is well known that in the UK burglars tend to target windows as they generally offer easier access than doors, but going around and individually locking each window before we leave a building is a time consuming and easily forgotten job. HOPPE is now bringing its SecuForte® innovation to the UK to transform the confidence we can have in window security.

Based in Wolverhampton, HOPPE (UK) Ltd is a market leader in door and window hardware. As a member of HOPPE Group, HOPPE (UK) benefits from over 60 years’ experience in architectural hardware, providing products that have been tested to meet the most stringent European and British standards.
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