Saguatti as a producer of accessory for doors and shutter


Saguatti was founded in 1960 and produces accessories for doors and shutters since then. The original reason was to create an optimum product quality-price ratio for the customers.

The most important and interesting thing about Saguatti is that all the products range is designed and made in Italy, through complex steps of working, that can provide an appropriate solution for all the customers. 

Saguatti produces accessories for doors and shutter. In particular door knobs of sober and elegant design, available in several materials and finishes, feature a patented fixing system which is ease of use. In recent years the company has started to produce a range of self-assembly handrail named „Corritutto” in addition to knobs and door accessories. 

The Saguatti offer is addressed to final retailers specialised in ironmongery, to designer and builders, and to distributors that provide all the necessary for doors and windows. 

In the last year, Saguatti obtained the total approval by the customers in the Italian market. To Keep moving forward company want to focus on transfer that approval on the foreign markets, trying to obtain the same results. 

Matteo Saguatti - export manager of Saguatti said:

I think the best reason to choose Saguatti’s products is that the company can provide strong and high quality accessories for doors, appreciated for its ease of use and duration in the long-term. 

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