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Rafał Berus – Head of the STAC POLND branch

photo STAC

Rafał Berus – Head of the STAC POLND branch

Jose López - Director of STAC S.L. Export

photo STAC

Jose López - Director of STAC S.L. Export

At the end of last year, we had again the opportunity to talk about the development of the STAC brand in Poland and around the world. Just for quick remind: STAC S.L. is a Spanish company which started its production activity about 10 years ago. Its owners, seeing the demand for the window joinery market, what is primarily based on aluminium in Spain, they have created a hardware manufacturing company. However, STAC did not stop on this part of production only. The company invested in its development, creating further production departments closely related to this industry. On that way in 2010, the factory distribution branch of STAC POLAND was established.

Interview with Rafał Berus - head of the STAC POLAND branch

What results brought 2017 year for STAC POLAND?

We finished the year with a result of twenty million in Polish currency on the company account. We noted a dynamic development in all product sectors. Compared to the last three years, we have increased our turnover by one hundred percent in Poland.

On which place of sales position Poland is located?

Poland ranks first on the sales. It was the first country where we started exporting our products. Our first branch was founded in Sosnowiec and then moved to Olkusz (the area is 1000 sq m). At the moment, this is our largest facility.

Which product is the most popular in Poland?

I am not one hundred percent sure, but I think, it could be the STAC BOND. Also the profiles made by polyamide, which are a product exclusively for system operators, sell very well.

Are there any differences between the Polish and Spanish market?

Of course there are some differences, mainly in the climate. The weather in Spain is completely different than in Poland, so the windows are also different, but the rest is exactly the same. The biggest market differences when it comes to windows are in England or India ,because the windows open out there. In some countries, aluminum predominates, in others PVC is the top product. Poland is the largest producer of PVC windows, but ultimately, a lot of aluminum is also used in the production of windows. The promotion of aluminum in the window and door joinery industry is very visible.

Did you think about opening a factory in Poland?

It is still too early, but I can confirm that we think about it. It is impossible to hide that Poland is our largest market and definitely has a good European location - close to Germany and Russia.

What are your future plans?

Our main goal is to maintain the quality of the service in Poland. We will try to appear through Poland in Slovakia and Ukraine, in Estonia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Romania. Another thing that we plan to achieve is to obtain an A2 certificate in the ITB for the composite panel STAC BOND. The general assumption behind the future is acquiring new clients in Europe, then in South America and the USA. At the same time, we would like to focus on starting the production of "advertising panels". It is a new activity for us, so we would like to implement it slowly, step by step.

In the future, we would also like to start cooperation with German system providers, such as, for example, Schüco. Currently, in Poland, in my opinion, we cooperate with the best, namely Aluprof, Ponzio, Blyweert, Morad, Final, Yawal, Aluron and Alusystem. At this point, I would like to send greetings to all professionals. Of course, we wish you all the best. The aluminum sector is growing dynamically and Poland is exporting more and more.

Interview with Jose López - export director of STAC S.L.

Which markets is STAC currently operating in?

The largest branches are in Poland, France, England, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. In addition, we also started operations in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador. So our branches are located virtually all over the world. In our future business plans, we would like to focus mainly on development in the US and Canada.

Can you tell a little bit about your production?

Of course I can. We started our activity in 2001, and in 2008 we expanded our offer to composite panels, so it is more than a dozen years of activity. This year, we intend to use our potential in 100%. In the coming days, we are moving to Ponferrada. The facility is located two hundred and fifty kilometers from Padron and has 50,000 square meters. We are opening new production lines; we are going to distribute the production for four subgroups: STAC ACCESSORIES, STAC BOND, STAC MID, STAC POL.

STAC cooperates with many architects who - in cooperation with the technical department - are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our factory is equipped with all necessary machines, including five CNC machines for processing STAC BOND panels. We would like to become the world's best producer in the future and we believe that it is possible.

It's worth starting with the fact that we plan to increase our capabilities related to STAC BOND. It is also good to mention that STAC is not only a producer of a composite panel. The composite panel is only the one part of our production. STAC also produces gaskets, which is a completely different sector, different competition, other technicians, an engineer, etc. In addition, we also have the production of fittings, we create dies ourselves, which helps in developing product technology. We do not rely only on the knowledge of other entities who work with us and help us technologically, but our engineers are trying to constantly modernize the production department so that it becomes more and more modern and best adapted to our requirements. This allows the flexibility to produce various products.

I think that the big success of STAC is that we are a comprehensive supplier when it comes to the aluminum sector. From each department of our factory, our customers can obtain the materials that they need for their production of aluminum systems, windows, doors and facades.

What makes that the customers choose you, not the competition?

I think that this is because of the being  a comprehensive supplier. Nevertheless, we are still developing in each of the possible areas, for example in the production of gaskets, which gives us more and more opportunities, and our customers are convinced that we are a comfortable and professional supplier.

Our clients have the opportunity to choose products from each production department that are needed for the entire system. As for STAC BOND, there are several major manufacturers of composite panels in the world. We, despite being a young company, are at the forefront when it comes to this product.

Have any new products been added to offer this year?

Yes of course. We introduced, among others new colors and dimensions of the already mentioned STAC BOND panels. We are constantly introducing new window solutions for architects - I am talking here about, for example, invisible system products, such as hidden hinges. We strive to match our products with future-proof solutions.

Can you estimate your market share?

It is difficult to estimate the world market, but when it comes to Poland, we can confidently say that we are one of the leaders. We work with a large distributor, Tuplex. We would like Poland's activities to expand into neighboring countries so that we can continuously develop our customer network in this area.

Who is your CNC machine supplier?

We mainly use the services of the Italian supplier MECAL. The great advantage of this supplier is that it sells a product to order. It subordinates its CNC machines to the size of products manufactured by the customer.
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