SINTESI GHOST updates itself and improves its performances


From 3rd October 2016, all Sintesi GHOST will present the following technical innovations:

The sliding carriages profiles won’t be equipped anymore with nylon wheels but with Delrin slides.

» Old carriage (left) and new carriage (right)

New carriages will run above the guides and not inside them.

» On the left - old carriage runs inside the guide and on the right- new carriage runs above the guide

Thanks to these changes, Sintesi GHOST will become more noiseless, more heavy-duty and more protected against grime.

By necessity carriages can be easily extracted from the front part of the guides. A profile will be added on inside of the guide, improving the design of the pergola. All new Sintesi GHOST will be produced with these features e will take the name of GHOST 2. Spare parts remain available for Sintesi GHOST already installed..

Watch the video here
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