ThermaWall TW2200 – 2″ (50.8mm) curtain wall that DELIVERS superior thermal performance!!


ThermaWall TW2200 2” (50.8mm) thermally broken curtain wall – all the sleek design aesthetics of the VersaWall MidLine 2” (50mm) system, with the superior thermal performance of the ThermaWall family of Curtain Wall!

Available in double and triple glazed, Capped and SSG, the ThermaWall TW2200 is the innovative solution for low rise curtain wall designs as well as storefront type applications.

» Fully thermally broken stick curtain wall in a slim 2” (50.8mm) profile with superior thermal performance

- Suitable for low-rise curtain wall designs as well as storefront type applications
- Mullion depths from 2” (50.8mm) to 5” (127mm)
- Conventional capped or structural silicone glazed (SSG) options
- Composite action polyamide thermal break provides increased resistance to condensation and wind load
- Available in both double and triple glazed
- Compatible with all Alumicor operable windows, doors, etc.
- A variety of pressure plate caps are available
- Custom offset pressure plate
- Unique glass support eliminates concerns of dead loads imposed upon thermal breaks
- Proprietary gasket provides improved thermal performance
- Tested to NAFS 11 AW, CSA A440 and AAMA 501 requirements
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