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CKM Extrusion's PVC profile extrusion plant

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CKM Extrusion's PVC profile extrusion plant

In order to meet diversifying customer needs, CKM Extrusion, a prosperous PVC profiles extrusion plant, has designed and introduced a number of solutions tailored to different market characteristics.

» Renovation frame

CKM Extrusion offers renovation frames in two variants of the 'fin’s' heights: 30mm and 52mm. Renovation frame is a particularly popular element in the Italian market. A special masking element allows the installation of new windows while renovating old, historic buildings where there is no possibility of interference in the facade of the building. The use of the renovation frame allows the installation of the window without dismantling the old window frames. Additional advantages are the possibility of applying a triple sealing after inserting a special third gasket’s clip into the renovation frame, as well as the compatibility of the renovation frames with each of the 70 mm CKM Extrusion systems.

» Monoblock frame

CKM Extrusion offers monoblock frames in four depth variants to its customers: 105mm, 125mm, 145mm and 165mm. Monoblock frame is a solution used in the French market, where the insulation of the building is mounted on the inside, not from the outside. Highest class profiles, Titanium Technology production, years of experience ensure the frame is stiff, has a modern look, and best thermal insulation parameters. As in the case of the renovation frame, the monoblock frame can have the third gasket’s PVC clip inserted enabling the production of a window in the MD triple-sealing system.

» Swiss-type high frame

It is a high-quality PVC frame made in Titanium Technology, having 40 mm renovation strips on both sides. It is a solution allowing the installation in two versions - with a panel, which, after milling, can be slid into a specially prepared slot in the frame, as well as for installation of the weatherboard at half the height of the frame. Both of these solutions are often found in Switzerland.

CKM Extrusion also offers a number of additional profiles for the production or installation of windows in a variety of target markets. The standard offer includes, in addition to various widths of floating mullions (from 78mm to 42mm), additional profiles such as extensions, flat profiles and angle profiles of different widths, chamber strips, PVC weatherboards, tapee or connecting profiles.
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