Selecta Systems - 35 years young and primed


Selecta Systems celebrate their 35th year with a very positive feeling about the future, but have never forgotten their roots that got them where they are today.

It’s this delicate, but fine mix of past, present and future that sees Selecta’s position in the market and most importantly the Advance 70 System, flourishing as they embark on a new chapter in their proud history.

» Selecta history in brief

The Selecta journey started in May 1982, in the South of England with the Selecta MK1 profile system shipped in from Germany. This was to be a mechanically jointed window system using a block system and rivets and was the original system that set Selecta on their way.

Selecta grew throughout the 80’s with new system development and the addition of residential and patio door systems. The first major system breakthrough was the 4000 System which became the kickstart to Selecta’s success. It was an externally beaded system, but with a bit of fabrication knowledge could be turned in to an internally beaded system. The fabricator friendly system, with universal steel reinforcement, meant low stock holding for fabricators, a philosophy that Selecta have taken forward and continue to promote today – the need to ensure fabrication of their systems is as efficient and effective as possible, demonstrated by the current Advance 70.

Up until 1995, all of Selecta’s window and door systems had been extruded firstly in Germany and in the later years in the UK by other extrusion houses. Following many expansions of the Birmingham site, with Selecta now occupying the majority of the warehouses at the top of Winster Grove and staff up to around 60-70, it was clear that Selecta had outgrown the facilities and there was a need to extrude their own systems. A plot of land sat behind the offices, which was purchased and work began on a purpose built state-of-the-art extrusion and distribution centre. By the end of 1995 Selecta moved in to the newly built premises, instantly increasing staff by approximately 20 as they began the process of extruding their own systems for the first time.

During the 90’s and early 00’s Selecta consolidated their position as a specialist in setting up new window and door fabricator businesses, as the industry grew and the demand for uPVC windows and doors blossomed. The industry was certainly booming but also developing. Selecta continued to develop their products and service with a vast emphasis on a personal and flexible service for fabricators – again part of the original ethos that has stayed with the business throughout the years.

The end of 2006 saw two years of research and development come to fruition with the launch of the original Advance 70 System. The all new 70mm system was ahead of its time with the thermal efficiency, robust and fabricator friendly system raising the bar considerably. Originally released as a chamfered system, an integrated sculptured suite was added to the Advance 70 System in 2013 which was quickly followed by the MASTERfold bi-folding door in 2014.

Over the years the Advance 70 System has been modified, improved and developed further, demonstrating the versatility, resourcefulness and ingenuity of the system.

» Selecta today

Today, Selecta Systems remain independently owned and by the same family whom started the business back in 1982. The original ethos and values remain, those that have served the business well over the years. Flexibility, customer care and support combined with a bespoke personal service continue to be key elements of the Selecta philosophy.

The Advance 70 System has gone from strength-to-strength with the 2017 launch of the new flush sash section and the 80mm traditional frame. These new ingenious additions to the suite sit within the same principles applied all those years ago – providing a fabricator friendly system, making them more efficient with less stock holding, whilst offering greater product diversity. This includes the inspired design choice to enable the flush sash to be fabricated within the existing 70mm or the new 80mm frame.

Hot on the heels of the flush sash window comes the Advance 70 EASi-FOLD Door with hardware that has been specifically designed to fit the system to ensure smooth, consistent and flawless operation. This innovative and revolutionary alternative to the bi-fold door, demonstrates the versatility and superiority of the Advance 70 System, of which it is fast becoming known for.

» Selecta in the future

It is certainly looking promising for the Advance 70 System and Selecta as they enter their 35th year. A new found enthusiasm, energy and desire amongst the invigorated long-term staff with the energised zest of the new employees is having a positive impact moving forward. It’s that passion and drive, backed up by a first class window and door system, that ensues what is looking like a very bright and encouraging future for Selecta.
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