The sky opens up for garage doors and entrance gates


The overall market for garage and entrance gates in the EU has recovered over the last year after a long period of difficulties.

In 2016, the increase amounted to 2.1%. Last year, sales also increased 2.5%. By 2019 the increase in the industry will be as much as 4%, according to a new study by Interconnection Consulting.

» Entrance gates are sales drivers

With the exception of Great Britain, the drives for garage doors make up the largest segment in each of the studied markets. Overall, 61.7% of all automatic systems in Europe are represented by garage doors. Accordingly, only 38.3% of entrance gates are used. Despite this, entrance gates are generating higher sales as a result of higher prices. The turnover ratio between entrance gates and garage doors is 60:40. The total value of the market in the countries under investigation (France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain) amounted to 717.6 million Euros. Overall, Europe is characterized by a large north-south price decline. The average price in France is 30% higher than in Spain.

» The renovation sector is in the lead

Even though the construction sector, particularly the new building segment, is benefiting from the strong upturn, the renovation sector still accounts for the largest share of the market at 58.6%. The long service life of garage doors and entrance gates – which often spans over several decades - will also lead to a stable position in the renovation sector over the coming years. In total, three of four garages and entrance gates are used for the residential area, while the share of the residential area is increasing slightly, but steadily. Applications for non-residential areas are often found in France and the UK. In the United Kingdom, the proportion of non-residential is 40.1%.

» Large companies do not give the new ones a chance

The market for door operators is a typical 'red ocean market', according to Vito Graziano, author of the study. The market is dominated by a few large companies and leaves little room for newcomers. The top 10 companies in the EU share 69% of the total market, with Italian companies like FAAC and DEA getting the lion share.

Source: Interconnection Consulting
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