ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD COMPLETE & COMPLETE DUO - Window Sealing Foils that Stick Even in the Cold


VARIO SD COMPLETE sealing foil.

photo ISO-Chemie

VARIO SD COMPLETE sealing foil.

The variable-humidity window and facade sealing foil ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD from German manufacturer ISO-Chemie is now available in the full-surface self-adhesive variants COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO.

The revolutionary thing about the new installation-friendly special foils is that they can even be processed at sub-zero temperatures of down to -10 degrees Celsius. This is a crucial advantage, because short construction times and closely coordinated work planning require sealing solutions that reliably permit on-schedule installation even in poor weather conditions.

Thanks to the full-surface self-adhesive features of the new COMPLETE variants, there is no longer any need for an additional installation adhesive. Drying times are thus a thing of the past and the foil can be plastered over immediately. And yet the position of the COMPLETE foils can still be corrected after initial positioning.

The COMPLETE foils offer optimum prerequisites for a simple and time-saving installation process. The highly elastic sealing foils fit snugly to any unevenness in the existing surface. Moreover, they have an extremely thin membrane structure which makes them ideal for subsequent covering with PVC, aluminium or wooden strips both in renovated and new buildings.

The COMPLETE variants of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD film can be used for both the inner and outer sealing layer. Thus only one product is necessary for two applications which saves both time and costs. Thanks to their versatile use, purchasing and storage cost less and there is no danger of mixing up foils for internal and external use. On-site handling is made easier and installation faults can be avoided.

ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD has been awarded the RAL quality mark 'Joint sealing components and systems' on account of its high-quality product features, adherence to strict environmental guidelines and its high degree of user friendliness and efficiency.

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