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OmniDecor: innovation and design


OmniDecor: innovation and design

photo | OmniDecor: innovation and design

A unique and inimitable material like glass, expertise that has been consolidated over time deriving from the in-depth knowledge of its characteristics, from the continuous research and development of proven processing techniques, to transform it into a design tool for contemporary architecture.

Decorative glass makes up the very DNA of OmniDecor, as does its ability to interpret its essence in order to meet the most diverse requests, the needs expressed by the design world, and to shape spaces and settings with superior added value, both in the definition of the architectural reference elements and to characterise interior designs with sophisticated details and surfaces.

Glass is no longer a material solely with a technical function, but rather a surface with a significant aesthetic impact, a neutral material which becomes the generator of complex, and even three-dimensional effects.

Amid transparencies and decorations, colours and variations in shades, together with the formal and aesthetic values that enhance the technical and functional aspects of the material itself, the properties and performance levels guaranteed by superior standards, the versatility of use in a variety of settings and contexts.

Over the years, OmniDecor has developed a privileged partnership with international designers, architects and interior designers, providing its expertise and ability to innovate, its drive to conduct research and experimentation, but also the guarantee of an industrial concern capable of ensuring constant supplies, of meeting deadlines and abiding by commitments, and adapting to deadlines, even the tightest ones.

The ability to customise its solutions, to personalise decorations, colours, variations in shades and reflections on the glass, to work on the three-dimensionality of the glass pane, today enables the company to be the perfect fit for some of the most important international projects both in the residential field as well as in the world of hospitality, office or retail. From architecture to interior design, from large buildings to small furnishings, from partition walls to accessories, a flexibility of use that derives from the versatility of the material and the possibility of generating almost infinite geometric shapes, rigorous but also organic, to give each project a distinctive identity.

OmniDecor meets the need for contemporary decorations involving glass surfaces, overcoming the absolute minimalism which proved popular a few years ago. An understated decoration, often comprising signs but also textures, three-dimensional appeal, solutions that accommodate the functional requirements but at the same time make every setting exclusive. OmniDecor’s product line-up anticipates market demands because it is the result of unwavering research conducted by the company, aimed at innovating and advancing the potential of decorated glass.

As demonstrated by the new Pure Lines collection designed by Lidia Covello which extends the DecorFlou Design glass family by OmniDecor and the choice offered to designers and decorators. Always in the name of excellence, applied to both the material and the processing it undergoes. To break free from the norm and ignite innovation, to make every detail unique, to embrace experiences and forge new glass projects.


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