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REHAU Window Solutions at Fensterbau Frontale 2024


REHAU Window Solutions at Fensterbau Frontale 2024

photo REHAU | REHAU Window Solutions at Fensterbau Frontale 2024

REHAU Window Solutions has always stood for living sustainability. In 2024, the Premium System House will continue to consistently expand its position as a pioneer and driver of the industry in sustainability issues. 

The solid foundation for this is a circular economy that has been completely closed for decades. Now REHAU Window Solutions delivers further innovative impulses such as bio-attributed PVC as an outstanding sustainable material or a clear strategic roadmap that firmly anchors sustainability at all levels of the entire organisation as a guiding element.

Living sustainability has always been the core and a guiding element of REHAU Window Solutions' strategy. The premium system house therefore optimizes its unique approach of a completely closed circular economy. In doing so, REHAU Window Solutions is further expanding its status as a pioneer and driver of the industry for intelligent and innovative sustainability solutions – fully in the spirit of its partners with a full focus on sustainability, competitive advantages and profitability.

Net-Zero strategy enables the successful implementation of sustainable transformation in Scopes 1, 2 and 3 up to the year 2040

In 2024, the leading system company will decisively continue to implement its forward-looking sustainability strategy. Because the clearly defined milestones of the Net Zero strategy provide a clear and reliable compass in scopes 1, 2 and 3. This enables the successful implementation of the sustainable transformation of REHAU Window Solutions and its partners by 2040.

» Scope 1&2: Focus on energy efficiency and energy procurement. 
» Scope 3: Optimization of procurement in close collaboration with all Partners and suppliers (PVC, packaging, steel and transport). 

Recycled content of up to 80 percent and nearly 88 percent less CO2 emissions: Sustainability is verifiable, measurable and fully integrated into every business unit

Sustainability at REHAU Window Solutions is more than a commitment: more than 60 percent of the total production tonnage contains recycled material. This recycling rate is up to 80 percent – and is constantly increasing. As part of the seamless circular economy, three own recycling plants in Germany, the UK and Poland collect 70,000 tonnes of recycled material per year. In this way, REHAU Window Solutions covers 100 percent of its own recycled content for the Profile extrusion. 

As a result, the markets benefit from future-proof profile systems with a recycled content of up to 80 percent. The consistent integration of recyclates results in almost 88 percent lower CO2 emissions compared to the use of standard PVC. REHAU Window Solutions saves a total of 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year thanks to the intelligent use of recycled materials. It's a confession, an attitude. This is the EcoPuls label, the proof of the use of forward-looking circular economy: completely from a single source from REHAU Window Solutions.

Innovations provide future security for dealing with challenges such as the Green Deal or EU taxonomy

The next decisive step is Urban Mining by tracking the installed windows. REHAU Window Solutions ensures that all can become a source of raw materials for future generations of windows. Because the digital Window.ID REHAU Window Solutions enables full transparency regarding installed objects and ensures not only traceability but also efficiencies and added value for Window professionals along the entire value chain. Always new innovations continue to optimise the REHAU circular economy and generate promising business models. This provides future security and equips partners and customers of REHAU Window Solutions with stable options for Challenges such as the EU Green Deal initiative or the upcoming requirements of EU taxonomy.

ARTEVO TERRA: REHAU Window Solutions incorporates bio-attributed PVC as another sustainable material into its completely closed circular economy

This consistent strategic development will culminate in ARTEVO TERRA in 2024. It is based on the innovative profile system ARTEVO, which was introduced to the market last year. ARTEVO TERRA stands for the 360-degree performance of the system solution. The specialists of REHAU Window Solutions introduce the use of bio-attributed PVC as a uniquely sustainable material into its portfolio. With bio-attributed PVC, ARTEVO TERRA saves up to 90 percent of CO2 emissions compared to the use of fresh PVC and almost entirely made from recycled material. The entire design of ARTEVO TERRA stands for future-oriented sustainability over the entire life cycle.

ARTEVO TERRA at a glance:

» Premium system based on bio-attributed PVC.
» Material does not compete with the food chain.
» Lowest carbon footprint due to profile core made of recycled material and top layer made of bio-attributed PVC.
» Complete integration into the seamless circular economy of REHAU Window Solutions.
» Steel reinforcements are not required up to a sash height of 2. 4 metres.
» Best values in terms of thermal insulation.

REHAU Window Solutions takes responsibility for lived sustainability – as well as its partners and customers 

REHAU Window Solutions continues to provide innovative solutions to its partners and customers in order to enable them to sustainably succeed in markets around the world. This strengthens our position as a relevant spokesperson for the industry. The result is, among other things, successes of political work such as the exemption for recycled PVC in building profiles. REHAU Window Solutions will continue to take responsibility for this.

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