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Transparent safety for facades


Elegant and practically invisible, VisioNeo offers outstanding safety and optimises daylight utilisation.

photo WAREMA | Elegant and practically invisible, VisioNeo offers outstanding safety and optimises daylight utilisation.

Warema’s almost-invisible VisioNeo fall protection is an elegant blend of safety and design. It can be easily integrated into many sun shading solutions, including roller shutters, external venetian blinds and window awnings.

Made entirely of glass, Warema’s VisioNeo Sun fall protection is a stylish alternative to railings and bars on floor-to-ceiling windows. Its unobtrusive look allows it to be integrated seamlessly into facade architecture while optimising both safety and daylight utilisation.

The glass mounts are integrated into the guide rails of the sun shading system by Warema, making installation quick and easy. There are no visible screw connections to disrupt the minimalist look. The glass pane sits just behind the guidance for the roller shutter, external venetian blind or window awning, allowing it to be lowered all the way down and offering full heat and glare protection as well as total privacy.

VisioNeo can also be used for centrally positioned doors and permanent glazing. The middle rail creates many possibilities for smaller, individual areas or large, divided areas. It can also be combined with insect screens. The VisioNeo Single model can also be installed on northern facades, for example, without additional sun shading.

A single source for a uniform facade look, WAREMA offers
the VisioNeo railing system for windows and balconies

VisioNeo can be added to numerous window profiles, including plastic windows with steel reinforcement, wooden windows, aluminium windows, wooden/aluminium windows and plastic/aluminium windows. This gives specialised retailers a wealth of solutions to choose from.

VisioNeo is issued with a test certificate by the building authorities and verifiable system statics is available (for public buildings). The product's attractive design is a clear advantage, along with the minimal advance work required – plans are drawn up at the same time as the sun shading plans. Specialised retailers are provided with the required glass dimensions when they receive the order confirmation, ensuring that the pane will fit. VisioNeo is one of Warema’s many solutions that significantly increase safety in homes and public buildings.

Stylish glass railings

VisioNeo View is a slender railing system for balconies and roof terraces, extending Warema's fall protection range for floor-to-ceiling windows. Straight lines with lots of glass and very few posts add a simple touch to any property, whether a new building or renovation project, with no glass brackets to disrupt the look. Constructed with concealed screw connections and almost invisible glass edge protection, it blends harmoniously into any architecture – with glass that protrudes upwards or classic flush railing posts. At a height of up to 180 centimetres, the system offers optimal wind protection and privacy with matte glazing. The railing posts come in over 200 colours. The system can be installed in four ways: from above, from inside, from below or from the front – including made-to-measure fixing materials.

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