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Corner joints with cams


Corner joints with cams

photo STAC | Corner joints with cams

Alignment corner joints play an essential role in the construction of windows and, in particular, these alignment corner joints with cams allow alignment from the outside of the profile. STAC presents its new corner joints with adjustment cams, a durable and aesthetic solution for window installation.

» Corrosion resistance

Thanks to its technical-polymer body with high mechanical performance, the corner joints are 100% corrosion resistant. They will not change their appearance in extreme saline conditions like conventional corner joints.

» Quick and easy installation

The adjustment corner joints are installed after the main corner joints, thus simplifying the assembly of each mitred corner. Installation is extremely easy thanks to the two swivel adjustment cams made of Zamak, which are simple to regulate using an Allen key. The hexagonal design of the cams, with fine adjustment, allows for greater and more progressive tightening torque.

» Adaptability

STAC has two different sizes of adjustment corner joints to be able to adapt them to the different types of profiles.

Small: L = 11.3 mm, H = 4.5 mm (ref. 0502139).
Large: L = 15.9 mm, H = 4.2 mm (ref. 0502141).

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