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Epwin Window Systems launches new Stellar integrated cill


Epwin Window Systems launches new Stellar integrated cill

photo Epwin Group | Epwin Window Systems launches new Stellar integrated cill

The popular PatioMaster PVC-U Sliding Door System from Epwin Window Systems has long been held in high regard by customers due to its outstanding aesthetics and quality system protocols that are a cut above mass-market offering. Its high-quality credentials have been further vindicated following enhanced weather performance testing carried out by Element, an independent global provider of testing, inspection and certification services.

Epwin Window Systems has just launched a new integrated cill for its Stellar Aluminium Slimline Bifold Door. The sleek low sightline cill brings enhanced sightlines and saves 35mm of height when compared with a traditional bifold cill. By design, it also uses fewer component parts and is quicker and easier to install than a separate outer frame and cill, especially on refurbishment projects.

Paul Booth, Design Director (aluminium) at Epwin Window Sytems, commented: We’re delighted to be introducing this new integrated cill, which adds a new level of excellence to our ground-breaking Stellar Aluminium Slimline Bifold Door.

The cill was introduced in response to customer feedback and the reaction to the innovation has been extremely positive. 

Stellar fabricator Peter Adams at Capital Windows said: The integrated cill is a great product. It’s easy to install and offers a low-lying flush aesthetic that our customers really appreciate.

The Stellar Aluminium Slimline Bifold Door makes an impressive style statement that connects the indoors and outdoors in an extraordinary way. It offers stunningly slim sightlines and contemporary aesthetics. Innovative polyamide thermal break technology delivers low thermal conductivity, ensuring it meets the requirements of the 2022 Part L Building Regulations with standard 28mm double glazing.

Installers benefit from faster installation times with patented pre-gasketed knock-in beads that speed up glazing. There is also an adjustable patent-pending locking stile so the clearance between the lock and keep can be adjusted to take up cutting tolerances. The integrated cill adds even more appeal to an already powerful proposition. It’s a demonstration of Epwin Window Systems’ innovation and commitment to continually adding value.

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