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FENSA Accepted Part L Calculator from AluK


FENSA Accepted Part L Calculator from AluK

photo AluK | FENSA Accepted Part L Calculator from AluK

To coincide with the roll out of the HI products in AluK’s Part L compliant range, AluK has created a bespoke FENSA accepted U-Value calculator to make it easy for customers to demonstrate the necessary compliance with the new Building Regs.

The calculator is available via the AluK customer portal and allows fabricators and installers to log in and access verified calculations for all the Part L compliant products in the AluK range. That includes the 77IW, 77IWE, F82Plus, C70s and 77ID systems, as well as the new HI versions of the BSF70 bifold, 58BW window system and 58BD door system.

AluK customers can use the calculations offline and just input the dimensions and glass specs for each window or door being fitted in order to generate the relevant U-Values to meet the limits now required for new build or refurbishments.

Dale Pegler, AluK’s Head of Process and Certification explained: AluK has always recommended that customers choose U-Values rather than WERs to demonstrate compliance because that’s what is accepted in all sectors of the residential and non-residential marketplace - for both new build and refurbishment.

This gives them everything they need to generate the figures for their own products and submit the necessary data to FENSA in a format which they know has already been accepted. With FENSA reporting an increase in the number of installations being turned down because the installers couldn’t adequately demonstrate compliance, this is perfectly timed to make sure AluK customers don’t get caught out.

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