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Sales Growth for Industrial Doors Slows Down


Sales Growth for Industrial Doors Slows Down

photo Interconnection | Sales Growth for Industrial Doors Slows Down

Price increases, political uncertainty and energy costs are having an adverse effect on the sales dynamics of the market for industrial doors in Europe. In the latest study by Interconnection Consulting, the sales forecast for the next few years has been significantly reduced. An average increase in volume of only 1.7% per year is expected until 2026.

Catch-Up Rate Slows Down

The market for industrial doors in the seven countries surveyed in Europe (see below) experienced a partial recovery as early as 2021 after the pandemic-related crash in 2020. However, after the market still grew by 3.5% in 2021, sales only increased by 1.2% in 2022. High energy costs and sharp price increases noticeably slowed sales momentum. Turnover was naturally able to grow more strongly in 2022 (+10.8%) due to inflationary conditions. Turnover will also increase by an average of 5% in the coming years. 

The largest increase in turnover is expected in France, with a rise of 6.9%. The dominant region for industrial doors is along the Rhine, in North Rhine-Westphalia, where there is a large sales market due to the high industrial density. Overall, Germany and France account for almost 70% of the total market volume. In comparison, Italy only has a share of 13.9%. The most important players in the European market are: Assa Abloy Group, Breda, Condoor, Novoferm, Ryterna, Teckentrup, Wisniowski.

Sectional Doors Dominate

Sectional doors are the largest product segment with almost 250,000 units sold, accounting for 54% of the market, followed by roller doors with 23.9%. In all countries except France, the market share of sectional doors is over 50%. In France, however, the share of roller doors is significantly higher than in the other countries surveyed. 

Sales Growth for Industrial Doors Slows Down

Steel is the most important material with a market share of more than three quarters and an above-average growth potential of 2.1% per year until 2026, followed by aluminium, which lost market share to steel last year due to high price increases. Other materials, such as PVC or mixed alloys, have a total market share of around 5%. The market share in value of the top 10 companies in the countries studied is 73.3%.

The study examined the countries: France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden
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