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Big Difference in Window Prices within Austria


Big Difference in Window Prices within Austria

photo Interconnection | Big Difference in Window Prices within Austria

Window prices in Austria show great variation, both between traders and in a regional comparison, as a mystery shopping test by Interconnection Consulting revealed. The people of Burgenland, for example, have to dig deepest into their pockets when buying a window.

At 621.5 euros, Burgenland is in first place for the price of PVC windows (90×130). Alongside the leader, Lower Austria, Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Styria are also above the Austria-wide average price of 547.0 euros. In Upper Austria, PVC windows are the cheapest at an average price of 492.0 euros. Compared to the previous year, the Austria-wide average price for PVC windows increased by more than 106 euros. 

The surcharge for increased security (increased window security, lockable handles) was around 25 percent in the PVC segment. Depending on the window brand and various features such as sound insulation, Ug-value (heat transmission through window glass), security class and brand, the price range for PVC windows in the 90x130cm format at the surveyed retailers was between 192.5 and 1,026.1 euros. 

On average, the different window brands alone account for about 100 percent of the price difference for PVC windows – explains Vito Graziano, the author of the study. 

Big Difference in Window Prices within Austria

For wood/aluminium windows, the price range is between 659.3 and 1,890.8 euros. For wood/aluminium windows, Vienna is the most expensive province with an average price of 1,139.9 euros for standard safety, ahead of Burgenland and Vorarlberg. Upper Austria also brings up the rear in this segment at around 960 euros. The average price for wooden aluminium windows was 1,041.6 euros. The average surcharge for increased security is 11.4% for wooden alu windows.

Manufacturers are Discount Shy

The average installation costs including delivery and disposal were 2,844 euros, whereby the price range varies greatly between the federal provinces. In Salzburg, installation is much more expensive at 3,199 euros than in Carinthia at 2,005 euros. More than every third provider (38.7%) also grants discounts. Of the roughly 61% who do not grant a discount, 8.7% did not respond to the discount request at all. The average discount was 4.1%, considerably lower than last year’s 10%. Cash discount was granted by 57% of the traders.

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