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DENEB EVO flush bolt


DENEB EVO flush bolt

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The DENEB product line offer a complete range of solutions that stand out for their versatility, functionality and quality finishes. The flush bolts are designed to fit standard door profiles, both Euro groove and Central groove.

The reinforced DENEB EVO bolt adds to the existing product range to provide closing solution for high-footfall doors. The flush bolt has been designed for buildings or public areas that require greater guarantees of closure and where there is a high frequency of use by users: common areas of shopping centres, health facilities, educational centres, office buildings, airports, passenger stations, etc.

Tensile strength

The flush bolt, with a length of 140 millimetres, is supplied with internal stainless steel reinforcement that guarantees greater resistance to breakage due to force in the most unfavourable use cases:

» Repetitive blows caused by the springs of the door-closure systems.
» Sudden blows due to installation in public areas or residential buildings.
» Unexpected or unplanned blows.
» Malicious blows in attempted theft.


The flush bolt is designed to fit all standard door profile grooves on the market. the geometry of the flush bolt means it can also be fitted on Euro groove windows. The above characteristics allow one single product to be used on all market-standard series.

DENEB EVO flush bolt

Smooth operation

The internal mechanism of the flush bolt follows the actuating movement via two springs which provide greater smoothness when the lever is activated.

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