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Planersoftware 3.0: Free trial phase for new module running


Planersoftware 3.0: Free trial phase for new module running

photo GEALAN | Planersoftware 3.0: Free trial phase for new module running

GEALAN's Planersoftware 3.0 supports the digital planning of windows and doors. The current version offers some additional sophisticated functions compared to the previous version 2.0. Registered users can now test the new module "Declaration of performance and CE marking" free of charge until 28 February.

At the end of 2022, GEALAN raised its proven planning tool to a new level and also showed this in the name: The Planersoftware 2.0 became the Planersoftware 3.0. The current version is more modern in design, but also equipped with new functions. From now on, registered users of the Planersoftware 3.0 can test the new module "Declaration of performance and CE marking" free of charge until 28 February 2023.

The free test phase is very straightforward: Simply log in to the Planersoftware 3.0 as usual and then use the new module until the end of February without buying a corresponding module license.

What distinguishes the new Planersoftware 3.0 from the previous version?

The Planersoftware 3.0 offers numerous helpful further developments and new modules that will make digital planning projects even easier in the future. In addition to many proven tools, the new modules "Glass Design" and "Declaration of Performance and CE Mark" are now on board. The Planersoftware 3.0 also offers a redesigned, modern user interface.

The big advantage of the new software: designs created in the Planersoftware 2.0 can be easily transferred to the new version with just a few clicks. In this way, users of the Planersoftware 3.0 always have the right digital tools ready and always have an overview of their previous and upcoming projects.

With the new Planersoftware 3.0, users of the window construction software KLAES have the opportunity to easily transfer positions and processes between the programs - via the additional module "Design Transfer". The design can then be further processed in the Planersoftware 3.0. Prerequisites for such a transfer are KLAES version 7.17.2 and coordinated profile master data.

What can the new Planersoftware modules do?

The new modules within the Planersoftware 3.0 also promise additional benefits: The "glass design" license analyzes the static pre-dimensioning of the vertical glazing used. Maximum stresses and deflections are calculated according to climate load and load distribution for multi-pane insulating glass according to Prof. F. Feldmeier and DIN 18008-2.

With the module license "Declaration of performance and CE mark", the declaration of performance and the CE mark are generated on the basis of the building specifications. At the same time, the required values are compared with the performance characteristics of the designs. Thus, the user has a comprehensive overview of his positions.

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