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German Design Award for wood-aluminium unitised facade


German Design Award for wood-aluminium unitised facade

photo GUTMANN | German Design Award for wood-aluminium unitised facade

In February 2022, the wood-aluminium unitised façade for the high-rise building type was presented for the first time. The two-step mounted system has now received a "Winner" award at the German Design Award 2023 in the category "Excellent Product Design". 

Gutmann has every reason to be happy: the wood-aluminium unitized façade won over the jury at this year's German Design Awards. The internationally acclaimed premium prize is awarded annually by the German Design Council and identifies significant design trends. The "Winner" award of the German Design Award honors outstanding and exemplary implemented achievements in the context of a specific category - the Gutmann innovation falls under "Excellent Product Design".

Two-step mounting process

The wood-aluminium unitised façade presented in 2022 combines functionality with aesthetics and brings a new dimension to office and high-rise construction. While wood-aluminium windows are traditionally used in residential construction, aluminium dominates in office buildings and high-rise buildings. An integrated system with wood and aluminium did not previously exist for this type of building. This gap is now closed. Gutmann uses the existing aluminium unitised façade system EF68 as a basis. The system properties meet the highest requirements of architects and builders. In the further process, aluminium walls are replaced by a wooden shell, especially on the inside of the facade. 

The wood is not only an aesthetic choice, but also important for the function of the facade system – explained Max Radt, Sales Manager Export and International Projects. – The highlight of this system, in addition to the outstanding product properties, is the two-stage assembly process.

First, the aluminium elements and wooden components are prefabricated by us or our partner. From here, the aluminium elements are transported to the construction site, where they are assembled element by element. On the construction site, towards the end of the construction phase, when dry and clean conditions prevail, the wooden components are married to the aluminium elements.

The project-specific flexibility is also given with the new wood-aluminium element facade. Façade builders who have previously only produced pure aluminium façades will be able to manufacture and install the new system without having to produce their own wood. The Weissenburg system house supplies the aluminium profiles and the system components as well as the wooden shells on request.

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