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AluK Helps Customers Save Time and Money on Part L Compliance


AluK Helps Customers Save Time and Money on Part L Compliance

photo AluK | AluK Helps Customers Save Time and Money on Part L Compliance

Fresh from winning the Customer Care Initiative of the Year at the 2022 G-Awards for its programme of support on Part L, AluK is continuing its efforts to help customers comply with the new rules as simply and cost effectively as possible.

The aluminium systems company has been quick to respond to the news that bigger tolerances have been added to the standard window sizes allowed for Part L U-Value assessments in England and has replaced the two thermal foam barriers which were originally required between the sash and frame in its 58BW window system to achieve a U-Value of 1.4 with one single length of thermal seal.

The change, which applies to AluK’s popular 58BW HI and 58BW ST HI windows, replaces two inserts with one so reduces costs and stockholding, and saves time on fabrication because the new seal is inserted in the non-locking side of the window meaning there is no need to cut around hardware.

Peter Willard, Senior Product Manager: The ±25% tolerance added to the standard 1.23m width and the -25% added to the standard 1.48m height used in the U-Value assessment methodology has made it possible for us to achieve the 1.4 U-Value performance required for residential refurbishment with a clever, value engineered solution. We backed the GGF and the CAB in their lobbying efforts last year to get the sizes changed and we’re passing the benefits of that change straight on to our customers.

The new single thermal seal can be used in top and side hung window configurations in both AluK’s standard 58BW HI system and the steel replacement 58BW ST HI system. Software and technical manuals have all been completed so fabricators can start using and ordering the new seal straightaway.

Wayne Heath Sales Director: When it comes to responding to the changes to Part L, AluK has always led from the front. From the point when the initial consultation was issued right up to today when we are seeing how the update is playing out in the real world, we have channelled significant resources into making sure our customers understand the changes and giving them the tools they need to comply.

We’re already preparing for the 2025 Future Homes Standard and upcoming changes to other Approved Documents as well, so customers can be reassured that we will be leading from the front once again.

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