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If Carlsberg Did Product Launches


If Carlsberg Did Product Launches

photo AluK | If Carlsberg Did Product Launches

If Carlsberg did product launches, then they would probably look like this – that was the view of AluK’s Sales Director Wayne Heath speaking at the entertaining event held to give customers a first glimpse of the company’s new S140 in-line and lift and slide door system.

Hosted at AluK’s popular Shoreditch Design Centre, it featured a beer festival and a live band, followed by a curry along the world-famous Brick Lane and then post dinner drinks. Unsurprisingly, feedback from customers was great – and not just for the Tickle Pitcher, Moon Curser, Elbow Cooker and Cup of the Creature beers which the Neckstamper brewery laid on for everyone to sample!

During the event, customers had the chance to see AluK’s new Doc L compliant S140 door up close for the first time. There was a demonstration door installed for the day and customers could see the sightlines for themselves, examine the locking systems, look at the rollers and feel how smoothly it opened and closed.

They were also given an introduction to the product from R&D Manager Mark Poynter, with an explanation of how it successfully meets the design brief of being simpler to stock and manufacture than the existing BSC94 slider, more thermally efficient to meet the Doc L performance requirements and accommodates triple glazing if required.

Product Manager Peter Willard then set out some of the USPs of the new door, including the slimmer overall sightlines, the fact that fabricators can make both lift and slide and in-line doors using the same sash and the ease of installation thanks to new, low-friction adjustable rollers.

AluK’s Managing Director Michael Williams made it clear during the launch that, by giving customers a preview of the S140 a few months ahead of the official launch date, AluK would potentially be able to take on board comments and feed those back to the R&D team in advance of the product going into production.

Michael Williams: We have said all along that we want to work in closer partnership with our customers and support them with the right products, the right support packages and of course the right service and price. This event was just the latest demonstration of that and the fact that so many customers came along and were so positive about the product (and the beer!) says we’re on the right path. 

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