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Prism Windows: Planning for Growth


Prism Windows: Planning for Growth

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Prism Windows fabricate and install a wide range of PVCu and Aluminium doors and windows. Though the majority of their work is manufacturing, installation accounts for 25% of the business.

When the company began planning expansion, Director Mark Wallis had a very specific strategy for increasing productivity. Rather than purchasing standard, off-the-shelf equipment he enlisted Avantek Machinery to supply the UK’s first 6 head in-line welder.

Mark said: We already had a great relationship with Avantek, who had supplied and installed our Digi bead saw and Urban SV 530s corner cleaner. The ongoing customer support was great, so we wanted to stick with them. 6 head in-line isn’t a common configuration, but when I saw it as an option on the Avantek website I realised it would be perfect for welding three sashes at once, enabling efficient, high-quality production of our most commonly ordered top over fixed design.

Avantek is the sole UK importer of Wegoma machinery, a brand with a worldwide reputation for excellence and producer of state-of-the-art Inline/Quad welders, routers, and a range of cutters, and cleaners. 

Jamie Munday, Avantek Sales Director, explains: Our well-established relationship with Wegoma means they go above and beyond to deliver machinery built to our required specifications placing us first in the queue for special orders. This gives Avantek an edge, making us a versatile supplier that can cater to our customers’ needs. When I received Mark’s enquiry about a 6 headed in-line welder, I knew it wouldn’t be a problem despite being the first order of its kind.

Putting Everything in Place

The machine was delivered to Prism in mid-2021 just as Director Mark received the keys to his new, larger premises so the timing was perfect.

He recalls: When the welder arrived the Avantek guys were great. As well as the new installation they also relocated our previously purchased equipment into the new building, which was really helpful. Compared to the old machine the ease of set up and use has been brilliant, it’s very intuitive essentially push-button technology. Whereas before we had to manually input measurements, which was a painful process, the new Wegoma is pre-programmed and a lot easier to get started.

With the move complete and all the equipment in place, Prism Windows was ready to ramp up production.

A Bright Future Beckons

Discussing his plans for the company Mark states: We were snowed under before the move. On the one hand it was great having so many orders to fulfil, but on the other we were definitely operating at capacity so couldn’t have taken on any more work. At the moment we’re comfortably producing about 150 frames per week. The new setup is running smoothly with everything optimised and the Avantek support team on standby for consumables, and just in case! Current projections have Prism on target for doubling production, manufacturing 300 frames per week by the end of 2022. Investment in new equipment has dramatically improved our capacity, but crucially, without compromising quality which we consider paramount.

Commenting on Prism’s growth, Avantek Machinery Sales Director Jamie Munday said: It’s always a pleasure to see our customers successfully executing their expansion plans. Avantek prides itself on building long-term relationships and becoming part of our customers’ wider team. We don’t just offer the best machinery available on the market, but also the continued customer support that gives manufacturer’s choosing us complete peace of mind.

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