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When home and garden become one


Aluprof – kiedy dom przenika się z ogrodem

photo Aluprof | Aluprof – kiedy dom przenika się z ogrodem

An interior filled with light, where intriguing, panoramic sweeps of glass merge seamlessly with the garden, presenting no barriers, but inviting greenery, sunshine and space inside. Add sleek, contemporary flair, comfort, energy efficiency and the potential for an individual layout… and what do you have? Literally and metaphorically speaking, a home you will really want to live in.

A union of top-end aesthetics and high functionality which gives occupants a sense of freedom and openness to nature is a quality brought to modern home design by striking, panoramic glazing. Sliding glass doors, which are mainly used in the living area where the household spends most of its time, endow a building with lightness and optically enlarge the space, offering an irresistible impression of a living room that merges harmoniously with nature as the interior and garden become one, unbroken whole. This impression is not just a promise and a beautiful illusion, either, but can be a real, everyday experience, with the right sliding patio doors enabling the household to move freely between the indoors and the outdoors, blurring the boundaries of architecture and nature.

One example of this is a layout featuring the MB-SKYLINE TYPE R systems from ALUPROF SA, where the subtle, discreetly concealed frame offers the highest level of aesthetics and functionality at the same time. The glass doors, with their aluminium profiles, come in a wide range of shapes and configurations, making them easy to incorporate into your wall of choice. This cutting-edge, large-scale sliding patio door system has completely concealed door panel profiles, a slender mullion and a shallow frame. The panels themselves may be massive, but no great effort is required to slide them open and closed and the mechanism that operates them is almost soundless. ALUPROF has turned the promise into reality.


The practical advantages of glass surfaces

In addition to aesthetics and operational comfort that outstrip the competition, large-scale glass doors have plenty more pluses to offer. Hand in hand with those advantages come other major functions. 

As Michał Marcinowski, Head of Product Development for ALUPROF SA, points out: In purely practical terms, the importance of large-scale glazing springs from the increased amount of sunlight that enters the room at different angles throughout the day. A southern aspect is most effective, reducing the need for artificial light. In the context of current energy prices, this is a very important issue.


It is worth adding that the sun’s rays are a free source not only of light, but also of heat. More and more Poles are now turning to energy-efficient solutions. Against a backdrop of rising prices for energy and raw material, the excellent lighting and insulation that can be achieved with large-scale glass surfaces is a value which cannot be overestimated and ALUPROF has proved that an economically sound solution can be both elegant and practical. Do ideal products exist? If they do, then the MB-SKYLINE TYPE R is undoubtedly one of them.

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