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Door Intercoms Defy the Pandemic


Door Intercoms Defy the Pandemic

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The market for door intercoms in Europe (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria) grew by 4.4% in volume last year, already more than compensating for the corona slump, which was relatively small. In 2022, sales are expected to rise again by about 3.8% in volume in the Europe Top 6. By 2025, the projected growth rate of the industry in the countries surveyed is 2.7% in volume, as shown in a new study by Interconnection Consulting.

Germany as Growth Engine

In 2020, at the height of the corona crisis, the industry was even able to increase its turnover by 0.9% across countries. A strong upswing occurred in 2021 with a 7.3% increase in turnover. High turnover increases are also forecast for the near future. Until 2025, the annual growth in turnover will amount to 6%, also due to the general price increases. The highest growth in turnover is expected for Great Britain with an annual increase of 8.9%. The largest market is Germany with a sales volume of more than 1.13 million units in 2021. 

Door Intercoms Defy the Pandemic

Due to strong government measures in the housing sector, the German market for door entry systems could grow strongly by 8.9% in value and by 5.4% in volume. Growth rates above the European average are also expected for 2022. In Austria, on the other hand, growth rate was modest in comparison, at 0.6% in volume. The situation is even more difficult in Switzerland, where a slight decline in sales was recorded in 2021. Due to the difficult phase in the Swiss construction industry, this downward trend will continue in the coming years. In Italy, on the other hand, a volume growth of +5.3% is expected for the next three years.

Increasing Degree of Digitisation

The study analyses the market for door intercoms and its product segments (internal and external door intercoms, audio-only and audio & video systems, IP and analogue systems). It shows that the internal audio-only market still has the largest market volume, but with a below-average market growth. 

Very strong disproportionate growth was attested in the areas of video, IP technology, automatic access control and wireless connection, whereby these developments are stronger in the non-residential sector than in the residential sector – explains Johannes Lözelt, author of the study. 

The largest share in audio & video is found in Great Britain with 33.6% in terms of volume, ahead of Italy with 33.5%. Switzerland brings up the rear with a share of 27.9%. Integrated IP systems, i.e. systems that not only offer audio and video but also connect the intercom to the in-house network via WLAN, are also becoming increasingly popular. In 2018, the share of this segment was 14.9% in terms of volume in the Europe Top 6. In 2023, this share will rise to around 18.8%. The distribution in the individual countries varies greatly.  In France or the UK, the share of these systems is currently around 21%, whereas in Italy it is just under 5.5%.

Residential Market Dominates

The largest customer segment for door intercom systems is the residential market for multi-family houses with a share of about 46.6%. Single-family houses account for 16.5% of sales. The remaining share of just over one third is accounted for by the non-residential sector. The most important manufacturers of door intercoms in Europe are: 2N Telecommunications, Comelit, Commend, Doorbird, Legrand, Produkt Ring, Siedle and Urmet.

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